The most exciting styles of mens' thongs in the world. The greatest selection gives you - the greatest prints, and the greatest colors. And so many exotic fabrics!. You've got it all with Prevail Sport.

ICONS are ARRANGED IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. When a style is available in the Rubberized fabrics and has a different Product Code it will follow that style's icon. To see Larger Images and Color Choices, just click your mouse on the swimsuit icon. Click you mouse again for greater detail. Enjoy shopping.

Banded PowerLifter Thong
Med Thong
$15.95, 3/$44.97
ILP® Med Thong
Micro Thong
$17.95, 3/$45.00
Rubber Micro Thong
$18.00, 3/$47.97
Mini Slide
Northstar Thong
$16.95, 3/$44.85
ILP® North Star Thong
Rubber North Star Thong
$16.95, 3/$44.85
Panther Thong
REG PRICE: $19.95
NOW: $15.99
PowerLifter Thong
Slide Thong
$18.95, 3/$49.98
ILP® Slide Thong
String Thong
$18.95, 3/$48.90
Rubber String Thong
$18.95, 3/$48.90
String Power Lifter Thong
REG PRICE: $19.95
NOW: $16.99
Top Gun
Torso Thong